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Joint Postgraduate Training Base Jointly Build by the Company and Electronic Information Engineering College of Civil Aviation University of China

Time:2014-07-14   [Back] 

On July 2, 2014, an award ceremony was held at Tian'ao Science and Technology Industrial Park for the joint postgraduate training base jointly established by Chengdu Spaceon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and Electronic Information Engineering College of Civil Aviation University of China. Eight people from Electronic Information Engineering College of Civil Aviation University of China(including the College Dean Han Ping and Assistant Dean Wang Jian), as well asTechnical Director Zhang Hongbing, Deputy Chief Engineer Liang Hong, Market Development Department, Human Resource Department and Technical Research Department of the Company attended the award ceremony.


The construction of the basewas another move to strengthen the win-win cooperation for Civil Aviation University of China and the Company after a strategic cooperation agreement wassigned last year。 The joint training base is the best carrier combining theproduction, study and research, which strengthened the interaction between the University and enterprises and put in motion in further cooperation in terms oftalent cultivation, technical training, transformation of scientific research achievement and civil aviation/general aviation market。

The Dean of Electronic Information Engineering College of Civil Aviation University of China Han Pingfully expressed the cooperation will of the Company, and held that the base wasa part of national postgraduate creative plan and was the new trend of education reform and development for postgraduates in colleges anduniversities. The construction of the base indicated the implementation ofanother new move under the strategic cooperation frame. The Company hoped thiscan be the model for university-enterprise cooperation to complete each others'advantages through Civil Aviation University of China and bring mutual benefitsand win-win results.

After the award ceremony was completed, eight persons from the University under the leadership of College Deanvisited the production line and exhibition room of the Company, and spoke highly of multiple products developed by the Company and good scientific research & production environment. Then, technical experts from the University and the Company exchanged the development and application opinions of civil aviation in terms of communication, supervision and satellite navigation, and sorted the relevant contents of technical cooperation andtalent training.

This activity indicated thatthe Company has moved onto a new level in terms of university-enterprise cooperation and established a good foundation for the development of vigorous civil aviation/general aviation。

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