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Approval Certificate of Fishing Vessel Type Obtained for Integration Terminal of Beidou/Maritime Satellite Telephone, Terminal of Maritime Satellite Telephone and Ship Radar

Time:2014-06-24   [Back] 

Under the joint efforts of staff from Science &Technology Program Department, R&D Department of Navigation and Maritime Electronics, and Quality Department, the integration terminal of Beidou/maritime satellite telephone, the terminal of maritime satellite telephone and shipradar passed the data examination and the field approval examination onproducts by Register of Fishing Vessel of the people's Republic of China。 Inaddition, the approval certificate of fishing vessel was obtained on June 22,2014, among which the No。 of SPST-1100 Acertificate is C00001400125, the No。 of SPIT-1000 certificate is C00001400127and the No。 of CR-20 certificate is C00001400126。



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