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Field Review of Safety Production Standardization Smoothly Passed by the Company

Time:2014-06-11   [Back] 

Since Chengdu Spaceon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) launched the construction of safety production standardization on July 23, 2013, under thecare and guidance of all the organs, operating departments and experts of alllevels, the senior management of the Company paid highly attention to the construction of safety production standardization, and always followed the requirements that safety production standardization qualifications of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation are used as necessary conditions forsurvival and develop of military industrial enterprises. Managers of eachdepartment also gave strong supports, and staffs actively participated in. Thepromotion personnel of safety production standardization as well as part-timesafety officers of all departments prepared the site and data as per the requirements of safety production standardization.

From May 24, 2014 to May 25,2014, Beijing TIRT Quality Certification Centercarried out the field review for the construction of safety production standardization of the Company. The field review included 4 major categories(i.e. basic management, behavioral control of operating personnel, environmentsafety for scientific research & production equipment and facilities andscientific research production site, process control & occupational health& hygiene), 30 review items (including safety production objectives&indexes, safety organization, personnel responsibilities, safety input,laws & regulations, and standards & safety production management system), and 99 review elements in total. A benchmarking review was carried outfor the construction of safety production standardization of the Company bylooking up into data, examining the site, individually exchanging and takingsamples. The Company organized 20 staffs participating in the review. Theaverage score was 98.7 and comprehensive review score was 90.18. This indicatedthat the construction of field production standardization passed the fieldreview and complied with Grade-II qualification requirements of fieldproduction standardization to be applied, and that the Company took a decisivestep to obtain the qualification.

Evaluation experts uniformly thought that the construction of safety production standardization of the Company was effectively promoted, the relevant requirements were effectivelyimplemented and proper measures were taken in terms of safety production risks.At the same, there were 52 items to be rectified and modified urgently asfollows:
Insufficient "differentiation" of safety production liabilitystatement;Substandard with drawing amount of safety production fees; Incomplete identification scope for danger sources;Unfounded safety achievement evaluation system for the Company, departments andstaffs;Incomplete safety training materials; Insufficient out-field (business travel) management evidences;Insufficient information amount on inspection records of fire-preventionfacilities in buildings;Insufficient management intensity of occupational health.

By benchmarking construction,benchmarking self-inspection and benchmarking review, the Company furtherdefined the difference between current situation of the construction of safetyproduction standardization and standard, captured the exiting problems, tookeffective measure for correction, continuously deepened the construction of safety production standardization and gradually improved the achievements of safety production and operation.


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