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Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed by the Company and Electronic Information Engineering College of Civil Aviation University of China

Time:2014-03-10   [Back] 

On March 5, 2014, a signing ceremony was held at Civil Aviation University of China for strategic cooperation and scholarship between Chengdu Spaceon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and Electronic Information Engineering College of Civil Aviation University of China。Technical Director of the Company, HR Director of General Manager Office and Market Director of Market Development Department, as well as Sectary Li, DeanHan Ping and all the experts and professors at school in the fields of communication, navigation and identification from Electronic Information Engineering College of Civil Aviation University of Chinaparticipated in the ceremony.The ceremony was held by College Dean Han Ping.

At the ceremony, College DeanHan Ping started her speech by expressing welcome to the guests from the Company on behalf of Electronic Information Engineering College of Civil Aviation University of China and then briefly introduced the basic conditions of the College. She said thatthe College always hammered at the cultivation of high-quality talents and transformation of scientific research and results of each field and considerable achievements have been made in the recent years in terms of the construction of each professional disciplines; the College paid attention tothe comprehensive cooperation with enterprise; the signing of strategic cooperation agreement was expected for a long time by both parties, which builta good platform for cooperation win-win of both parties and had significance tofurther strengthen the technical cooperation & exchange and promote thetalent cultivation.

General Manager, Mr. Zhang,of the Company expressed his sincere gratitude on the behalf of the Company forCivil Aviation University of China, leaders of all levels of Electronic Information Engineering Collegeand teachers who promoted the cooperation. He said that the University and theCollege had give great supports for the Company in recent years in terms of science & technology and talents; the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement was an important move made by both parties to strengthen thecooperation and the Spaceon scholarship was also a big event and happy eventfor both parties. He believed that except technical exchanges, the Company andthe College would carry out a series of deep cooperation in terms of talentcultivation, technical training and transformation of scientific researchresult in the near future, and hoped that both parties could work together,actively explore the cooperation mode between the university and theenterprise, complemented each other's advantages, brought mutual benefits anddouble win and sought for joint development.

Based on the principle of"mutual complementation, resource sharing, equality & free will andcommon development, both parties established strategic cooperation relation,and carried out comprehensive cooperation in face of scientific developmentfrontier and key national scientific demands and in terms of scientificresearch, talent cultivation, technical innovation and transformation of newachievements (in the fields of communication, navigation and aviationmanagement automation of civil aviation/general aviation). In this way, bothparties, both parties strived for the realization of win-win for production andstudy.

According to Spaceon Scholarship Agreement, Electronic Information Engineering College of CivilAviation University of Chinawill have 5 students obtain the Spaceon scholarship every year. Thisscholarship, on one hand, reflects the good philosophy of "respect forlearning and talents" proposed by the Company, and on the other hand,publicize the image and brand of the Company to motivate college students learndiligently, study assiduously, progress innovatively and hammer at national defense.

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