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Spaceon Awarding Ceremony of Scholarship in Science and Technology Was Held in Tianjin

Time:2013-12-01   [Back] 


At 9:00 a.m. on October 30, 2014 Spaceon Awarding Ceremony of Scholarship in Science and Technology was held by College of Electronic Information Engineering, Civil Aviation University of China in the North Teaching Building 23-221. Zhang Hongbing (CTO of Chengdu Spaceon Technology Co., Ltd.), Han Ping (Dean of College of Electronic Information Engineering) and Ge Weijian (Party Committee Secretary of the College) attended the awarding ceremony.

On behalf of Spaceon Technology Co., Ltd., Zhang Hongbing extended warm congratulations to the prize winners. He simultaneously expressed his heartfelt happiness aboutconferring scholarship on the excellent undergraduates in person. With an expectation for the scholars to rationally use the scholarships to improve their academic performance, promote individual development, commendably serve and repay the society after obtaining employment, Zhang Hongbing encouraged the undergraduates to improve their qualities in an all-round way and simultaneously maintain outstanding academic performance. Spaceon Technology Co., Ltd. has been incessantly making progress, with a growing demand for excellent talents. All they are hoping is to provide a platform for students of Electronic Information Engineering College to fully display their talent.

Ge Weijian, Party Committee Secretary of the College, extended warm welcome to the conferees represented by Zhang Hongbing, and expressed his gratitude to Spaceon Technology Co., Ltd. for setting upascholarshipprogramin the college. "I hope that the students can take Spaceon Scholarship in Science and Technology as a strong motivation for studying and making progress. With hard work and assiduous research, they are expected to repay the society with outstanding academic performance." said Ge Weijian.

Du Qingrong, a representative of the scholars, remarked that winning scholarship is not only a kind of honor but also a kind of responsibility. With gratitude, every scholar ought to keep on studying professional knowledge and improving self-cultivation, so as to present a satisfactory answer sheet to those who have rendered solicitude and help to them.

The related officialsat Office of General Manager and persons in charge of Communication R&D Department were present at the awarding ceremony.

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