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BD2/GPS/GLONASS High Dynamic Satellite Receiver

Product overview:

The product, which is a kind of GPS velocity measurement receiverwith high dynamic adaptive capacity, can receive the signals from Beidou-II,GPS and GLONASS satellites of Chinaand provide users with accurate positioning information.


It can bewidely used in high dynamic satellite navigation fields such as aviation,aerospace and transportation.

●      Flexiblepositioning modes, such as GPS, GLONASS, BD2, GPS+GLONASS+BD2 and GPS+GLONASS;automatic switchover among different positioning modes under differentcircumstances; high security of system;

●      Withfunctions of navigation and original data output;

●      Positioningand velocity measurement of user terminal equipment under high-dynamic state;

●      P/MCode boot capture and direct capture.

●      Capture,tracking and resolution of satellite signal are adaptive to the maneuverabilityof high dynamic target.

●      Multiplechannels perform automatic tracking and selection of signal beam-forming withgood reception, which is safe and reliable;

●      Soundanti-jamming performance and high sensitivity.

●      Highadaptability to circumstances, high/ low temperatures resistance, impactresistance, anti-vibration and high performance of electromagneticcompatibility。

Operating frequency

GPS/GLONASS: 1595±21 MHz BD2 B3:  1268。52MHz±10。23MHz

Number of channels


Data interface

RS232, baud rate configurable,  default115200bps, N, 8, 1

Data updatingrate


PPS output

TTL  level, adjustable with pulse width of 1ms~500ms inUTCGW

Receiving  sensitivity


Positioningtime for cold boot


positioning time for warm boot


Repositioning time for loss of lock

where  the time for loss oflock is 5s, the repositioning time shall be equal to or  shorter than 3s

Positioningaccuracy (1σ)


velocitymeasurement accuracy



velocity:  0~8000m/s; acceleration: <100g; acceleration jerk: <30g/s

Power supply

widevoltage:  6.3V~36V input, power consumption: 5W

or 5V  input, power consumption:4W


operating  temperature: -40°C~+70°C

Storage  temperature: -55°C~+80°C


0%~90%, no condensation, @25°C

Overalldimensions L×W×T (mm)

87×58×15(compatibility JAVAD company JNS100)



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