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Timing Receiver Used with BD/GPS Satellite

[Product Overview]

The product receivessignals from Chinese Beidou-II satellite and GPS satellite, and provides userswith standard timing information and accurate positioning and speed measuringinformation.

[Application Fields]

●     Timing synchronization for defense electronic equipment,communication base station/network, and electric automatic control equipment;

●     Timing synchronization for communication equipment of financialsystems and equipment of broadcasting media systems。

[Functions and Applications]

●     Withability of receiving signals from BD2 (B1) and GPS (L1) satellitessimultaneously and receiving ability of 20 channels;

●     WithBD2/GPS integrated positioning as default, stronger ability of satellitecovering positioning, and positioning switchover output between BD2 and GPSsingle systems;

●     Withhigh-precision 1pps output。

[Product features]

●     Withefficient technologies of satellite signal acquisition, tracing, calculationand filtering;

●     Withautomatic tracing by multiple channels to select signal beam with strong signalin a safe and reliable manner;

●     With goodanti-jamming performance and high sensitivity;

●     Withgood environmental adaptability, small volume, and ability to meet requirementsof planes, vehicles and other environment.

Technical Index:

Positioning precision


Testing precision


Timing precision

20ns (1σ)

Data replacement rate


Acquisition sensitivity


Dynamic performance

Speed: -8000m/s ~ +8000m/s;

Accelerated speed: <100g;

Jerk: <30g/s  

Time of commencement and  positioning

Cold start: ≤60s; warm start:  ≤15s

Time of re-acquisition

The time of re-acquisition is  not greater than 3s in case that the time to lose lock for satellite signal  is within 0s ~ 5s.

Power supply and power  consumption

The power supply of the receiver is 5V or  a wide voltage input of 6。3~28V;

The power ripple is peak to peak 100mV,  and the rated power consumption is not greater than 5W。


Storage  temperature: -45~+65; operating temperature: -40~+80

Interface features

RS422 interface, full duplex,  with configurable baud rate

Reliability index

MTBF > 5000h

Overall dimension (L×W×T (mm))

87×58×15 (Compatible with  JNS100 of JAVAD)

Weight (kg)


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