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Satellite Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)




The VEP8 EPIRB is a necessary equipment for global search and rescue. It can transmit distress signal of 406MHz and pilot signal of 121.5MHz. As the first product passing the certification of COSPAS, CCS, fishing inspection and SRRC (State Radio Regulatory Commission) Inspection in China, VEP8 EPIRBsatisfies IMO/ICE and other standards related to COSPAS-SARSAT。 It is characterized by easy operation, convenient maintenance, and the like。


This product applies to safe rescue system for marine use.

Main functions:

When a vessel is in distress,the VEP8 EPIRB can start automatically or manually and then transmit SOS of 406MHz. SOS is forwarded to the rescue center via satellite. The rescue center will carry out emergency rescue according to signal received.


Low maintenance cost for battery and releaser;

Low spurious, low harmonic wave, low power consumption and long standby and working time;

Safer due to the secondary missending protection system;

Easier to be discovered due to the eight dome-LED flashlights;Ten kinds of troubleshooting warning for overall EPIRB inspection。


Satellite launching

Frequency: 406MHz±1kHz

Output power: 5W(37dBm)

Guiding rescue team for close search

Frequency: 121.5MHz±3kHz

Output power:  50mW(17dBm)

Built-in GPS satellite positioning system

Module positioning precision: 2.5m

Receiving channels: 50

Flicker frequency

24 times/min

Cold start

32 seconds


Lithium battery with a warranty period of 5 years

Operating time

>400 hours(+20°C typical value)

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Overall dimension





Protective cover

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