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AIS Base Station



Product Overview:

This product is designed as per the actual situation of China’s waters like coast, inland river ports and Yangtze River waterway. It is capable of receiving all AIS (AIS mobile station, other AIS base stations, AIS navigation aids, etc.) information from areas covered and using the information for communication or to help with navigation. It satisfies such international standards as ITU-R M.1371-3, IEC61162-1/2, IEC61993-2, IEC60945, IEC62287and IEC62320-1 and has passed the model approval inspection for radio transmitters of the State Radio Regulatory Commission.


This product applies to AIS (Automatic Identification System), port traffic management system, fishery vessel management system, etc.

Main functions:

Information receiving: It is capable of receiving both static and dynamic information from AIS CLASS A, AIS CLASS B, AIS base station, AIS navigation aids, AIS SART and search and rescue helicopters, as well as the UTC time and position information from GPS;

Information processing: It is capable of outputting AIS and GPS information received in the data format specified in IEC6162 via internet interface, RS232 and RS422.


The modular integrated design is adopted. It is the first time to useVxworks real-time operation system for protocol handling in AIS field.Real-time operation system is embedded in ARM high-speed processing chip. Themultiple-channel transmitting and receiving technique and time-divisionmultiple address technique are used.


Frequency  range


Default  operating frequency

161。975MHz,   162。025MHz

Modulation  mode


Data  interface

RS422, RS232,Ethernet

Data format

NMEA 0183

Transmitting  power

12.5W/2W(Optional for setting as default )

Receiving sensitivity


Power supply

Compatible AC 220V/50Hz or  DC 24V

Operating  temperature


Overall  dimension

Standard 3U chassis




GPS antenna, VHF antenna, arrester, power cord  and serial port cable

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