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AIS Search and Rescue Transmitter (AIS SART)



Product overview:

AIS SART is an AIS technology-based safe rescue device for marine use. In case that a vessel gets in danger, AIS SART can send the information about the positions of the crew to AIS device, so as to greatly improve the survival ratio of them. This product satisfies such standards as IEC61097-14, IEC60945 and IMO246(83) and has been granted with CCS Type Approval and Certificate of Marine Product issued by Register of Fishing Vessel of the People's Republic of China.


This product applies to the safe rescue system for marine use.

Main functions:

In case that a ship gets into danger, AIS SART can send theinformation about the positions of the crew to AIS device, so as to greatlyimprove the survival ratio of them。


Characterized by modular design, low power consumption, small size, light weight and high reliability;

Convenient to operate, secure and reliable with stable performance;

Capable of realizing GPS receiving, timing synchronization and positioning;

Capable of sending AIS standard messages including time and location information。


Operating frequency

161。975MHz, 162。025MHz

Frequency error


Transmitting power


Modulation spectrum

When the  offset frequency is at ±10kHz of the center carrier frequency, the modulation  sideband is not more than -20dBc. When the offset frequency is at +2kHz~+62。5kHz or -25kHz~-62.5kHz of the center carrier frequency. The  modulation sideband is not more than -40dBc.

Modulation mode


Continuous operating  time

96 hours

Operating temperature


Overall dimension





Ropes floating for 10 meters, holder, support, base and supporting rod  no less than 1 meter

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