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Ultra-short Wave Anti-jamming Air Communication Radio Station

Product model:


Product overview:

ST-51Gultra-short wave anti-jamming air communication radio station is anairguidance and command station which is facing to the military trade market。 Itis designed in reference to the GJB2101-2002 and international standard ETSI EN300676, provides frequency hopping voice, life-saving functions in addition tovoice communication, data transmission functions。 Its rich external interfaces(can be received with encryptor, filters, power adaptor and remote control)make its use flexible and convenient。

By adoptingsoftware radio architecture, IF digital technology, this radio station useslarge-scale programmable integrated circuits (such as FPGA) to realize signalmodulation and demodulation through software. The design such asmodularization, BIT and pre-maintenance can ensure that the device has a goodmaintenance.

Theradio station can be widely used in military air guidance and command, militaryground-air data link network systems, which is compatible with the function of civilaviation ATC ground-air communication.

Main functions:

●  Ground-air, ground-ground voice and data communications;

●  Provides the function of clear voice and encrypted voice (built-inencryptor) communication in conventional (AM, FM) way

●  Provides the function of voice communication in anti-jamming (FH) mode;

●  Provides the function of data transmission (MSK) communication;

●  Provides the function of life-saving, emergency, dual-receiver communication;

●  Supports the access of external RF filters, power adaptor;

●  Provides the function of remote control, parameter loading, software upgrades.

Technical features

●  Digital design is adopted, which is easy to expand and upgrade;

●  It is powerful, with extensive remote control interfaces; easy for systemintegration and has strong compatibility of co-location operation;

●  It is easy to operate, has strong environmental adaptability, suitable for avariety of occasions;

●  Advanced anti-jamming technology is adopted, which is suitable for harshelectromagnetic environment;

●  It supports 19-inch standard rack mounting。

Technical indicators:

Frequency range

108MHz~173.975MHz;   225MHz~399.975MHz

Frequency  error

≤± fc×10-6  (fc is the RF carrier frequency

Working  manner

Conventional,  encrypted voice: AM, FM;

Data  transmission: MSK;

Anti-jamming  voice: FH/MSK


It has  remote control interface, Ethernet interface, parameter loading interface,  data interfaces。

Output  power

AM: 50W;  others: 100W (with adaptor)

Harmonic  and mixed waves emissions


Operating  temperature



AM: ≤-105dBm;

FM: ≤-110dBm;

FH: ≤-101dBm

Overall  dimensions





Antenna,  earphone, microphone

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