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Ultra-short wave Dual-band Hand Radio Station

Product model:


Product overview:

TK-T2002Ultra-short wave Dual-band Hand Radio Station complies with the aircommand and guidance standard operating modes 6k00A3E (AM), 16k0G3E(FM)。 This radio station can work in VHF, UHF frequency band, which suitablefor voice communication holding by a single person; it can be used for airtargets guidance and command at close range under emergency conditions, canalso be used as ground-based communications scheduling。 The communicationdistance can be more than 15 kilometers。

Main functions:

●  Provides voice communication function in V / UHF frequency bands;

●  Has menu display, can display key parameters such as work channel, frequency, workingmode, self-test status;

●  Provide the function of quickly entering radio station parameters, can set thenoise suppression level;

●  Provides the function of quick adjustment of the reception volume;

●  Can connect a headphone-microphone set, which is suitable for noisyenvironments。

Technical feature:

●  Small, low power consumption design is adopted;

●  High-efficiency broadband power amplifier and broadband frequency synthesistechnology are adopted;

●  Its information display is intuitive and it is easy to handle.

Technical indicators:

Frequency range


Channel interval


Frequency error


Modulation mode


Carrier wave power

AM: 1。5W;FM: 3W

Degree of modulation

AM: ≥80%, no over modulation; FM: 6kHz±0。5kH

Modulation distortion



AM: -101dBm

FM: ≤-107dBm

Dynamic Range of receiver


Working hours and standby hours

Working hours: the  device works in the manner of transmitting for 1min, receiving for 5min, and  can work continuously for 4h; standby time: 8h

Overall dimensions





VHF Antenna,  seat-type charger, on-car charging cable, anti-jamming headset and microphone  set, earbud headset and microphone set, emergency rechargeable lithium-ion battery  pack, hand-cranked generator, leather sheath, strap, rope.

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