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AIS Class A Global Automatic Identification System for Marine Use



Product Overview:

The SPAT-1000Aglobal automatic identification system for marine use is a new kind of sailing aid, with automatic identification, communication and GPS. With these functions, the vessel can automatically broadcast the static, dynamic and navigational information of the vessel where it is installed and automatically receive messages sent from vessels around to enable the vessel-to-shore and vessel-to-vessel communication, and thus to improve the sailing safety. This product satisfies such international standards as ITU-R M.1371-3, IEC61162-1/2, IEC61993-2 and IEC60945 and has been granted with the CCS Type Approval.


This product applies to AIS (automatic identification system), marine traffic management, frontier and coast defense monitoring and management, etc.

Main functions:

GPS navigating: It can display the vessel's longtitude and latitude, speed over the ground, course over the ground, vessel heading, turning rate and the like;

Information broadcasting: It can acively and continuously send the static, dynamic and range information of the vessel;

Message receiving and sending: It can receive and save the broadcast and addressing messages from the base station or other vessels and send massages by broadcasting or addressing;

Intelligent collision avoiding: TCPA and DCPA can be set。 Meanwhile, DCPA and TCPA of two vessels can be calculated automatically。 When the pre-set threshold values are reached, the driver will be alerted with a sound-light alarm;

Abundant interfaces: The AIS mainframe provides multi-channel RS422 and RS232 serial ports and 10M/100M internet accesses which are compatible with various kinds of ship-borne sensors and can be externally connected with such equipment as radar, ECDIS, GPS and compass;

Various display modes: It is able to receive and display in a list the number of vessels around and relative information and display the relative position of the vessel and other vessels on a radar screen. “North up” or “Head up” can be automatically set for the convenience of users to get more visual observation of navigational state.


The modular integrated design is adopted. It is the first time to use Vxworksreal-time operation system for protocol handling in AIS field. Real-timeoperation system is embedded in ARM high-speed processing chip. Themultiple-channel transmitting and receiving technique and time-divisionmultiple address technique are used.


AIS  mainframe

Frequency range


Channel bandwidth


Transmitting power

12。5W /2W±1。5dB(User-defined)

Receiving sensitivity


DSC receiver

CH70 Channel, 156.525MHz

Overall dimension




MKD  display unit



Display size


Screen resolution


Overall dimension






RS422, 4800bps~115200bps


RS232, 4800bps~115200bps

Internet interface


Transport protocol

IEC61162-2, NMEA 0183

Signal transfer output

Relay switch

Power  supply

Nominal voltage

DC 24V

Supply range

DC 9.6~36V

Device  list

Standard configuration

AIS mainframe

1 set


1 set

Power cord

1 pcs.

Data cable

1 pcs.

Mounting accessory

1 set

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