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Multi-channel Very high frequency (VHF) electric/manual tuning filter

Product model:


Product overview:

VHF tuningfilter shall be used with the VHF ground to air communication radio stationtogether, shall be installed between the radio station and antenna, which cansolve the electromagnetic compatibility issues when multiple radios worktogether in the same station site, improve the adaptability of radio station incomplex electromagnetic environment, effectively improve the utilization rateof frequency resources. This product is suitable for multi-channel VHF groundto air communication systems. This product has get the China civil aviation temporarilypermit license.

Main functions:

●  Provides the function of civil aviation band voice communication, can supportVDL2/4 data link function after upgrade, is in line with ETSI  EN 3018411and ETSI EN 3018421 standards;

●  Supports Ethernet port parameters loading and software update functions;

●  Provides radio remote control / monitoring functions;

●  Provides the function of automatic switch of master/standby;

Technical features

●  It is flexibly configured, can be configured to the following three forms:transmitting/receiving machine, receivers and transmitters;

●  It adopts IF digital technology, can realize the functions of signal modulation& demodulation and noise suppression through software algorithms;

●  It has rich interfaces, suitable for various communication systems.

Technical indicators:

Frequency range


Channel  interval


Frequency  error


Carrier  wave power




Power  supply

DC: 24V±5V;   AC: 220V/50Hz

Power  consumption


Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Overall  dimensions


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