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Very high frequency (VHF) electric/manual tuning filter

Product model:

SP-T1001VHF electric tuning filterSP-T2001VHF manual tuning filter

Product overview:

SP-T1001/ SP-T2001 VHF tuning filter shall beused with the VHF ground to air communication radio station together, shall beinstalled between the radio station and antenna, which can solve theelectromagnetic compatibility issues when multiple radios work together in thesame station site, improve the adaptability of radio station in complexelectromagnetic environment, effectively improve the utilization rate offrequency resources. This product is suitable for multi-channel VHF ground to aircommunication systems. This product has get the China civil aviation temporarilypermit license.

Main functions:

●  Can filter the RF input signal from antenna and RF output signal from radiostation;

●  The center frequency of electric tuning filter can be controlled and switchedautomatically according to the working frequency of supportingVHF aviation communication ground radio station; The center frequency of manual tuning filter should be adjust by theinstrument.

●  The electric tuning filter provides state self-test function; can report to theVHF aviation communication ground radio station in case of over-voltage, over-current,over-temperature and failure for warning indication。

Technical feature:

●  Narrowband cavity technology is adopted, and it has high selectivity index;

●  Temperature compensation and calibration frequency technical are adopted, whichhas very high frequency accuracy;

●  It is easy to use and fast。

Technical indicators:

Frequency range


3dB  bandwidth

≥f0×0.2  % MHz (f0 is the center frequency of filter)

Out-of-band  rejection @ f0±100kHz


Insertion  loss


Reverse  power loss


Power  handling (carrier wave)


Overall  dimensions





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