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[Back]Miniaturization airdrome communication navigation and surveillance system (CNS)

Miniaturization airdrome communication navigation and surveillance system (CNS)

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Product overview:

CNS system have the groud-air communication, mid-wave navigation, monitoring the air states and multi-functions, is the first airdrome communication, navigation and surveillance system built for the armed police, can be used for the civil miniaturization airdrome and general aviation airdrome, can satisfy the customer’s requirement on communication, navigation and surveillance。 Use this system, the commander can control all the kinds of the effectively fly auxiliary command information, Greatly improved the automatic level of the command and the working efficiency of the on duty member。

Technical features

l High-integration command the dispatch system

l Centralized control with low cost, miniaturization, IP-based.  

l Distributedvideo display and switching system。

l High reliability redundancy parallel design.

Main functions:

l Wirelessvoice channel connect function: can connect multi-type of civil radio stations, to realize dual  civil use of wireless voice communication, support main and standby channel, transfer channel, rescue channel and so on channels to work at the same time。  

l Wired voice channel connect function: can connect PSTN phone and IP phone these wired voice channel, support PRI, SS7 signal and H.323, SIP agreement.

l Voice exchange control function: can do the exchange control of all the wired and wireless voice in the airdrome, have channel choice, channel busy or spare time status monitoring, broadcast calling, group of lines calling, silentetc. realize high efficiencyground-air voice communication and airdrome ground dispatch voice communication.

l Multi-information connect display function: can connect Navigation management secondary Radar, ADS-B monitoring, BD/ GPS clock, weather and

video monitoring information into the system, and can display on the seat screen, multi-touch three dimensionalinformation system and big screen.

l Long distance control function: can make the long distance switch on/off and parameter setting of the Navigation management secondary Radar, ADS-B monitoring, NDB medium wave navigation machine, wireless radio station and so on equipments which connect into the system.

l Flexible, maneuver and anti-destruction function: in order to avoidwhen the airdrome control tower ruin by the electric power failure, bad weather, natural disaster or war destroymake the airdrome close. The system have the communication navigation command vehicle can instead the control tower to command and connect under the special circumstance. The vehicle hasthe VHF/UHF voice communication, medium wave navigation ability, ADS-B monitoring ability。 Can both be the emergencybackup command center and the mobile command center.  

l Information record function: can record all the voice information, register  the call person and time. Also can register other information like the Navigation management secondary Radar, ADS-B monitoring, weather and video monitoring information.

l Operating monitoring function:  Monitoring all the equipments operatingstate, can make the light and sound alarm when the equipments have the failure, show the failure position and type on the seat screen。

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