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Coastal Surveillance System

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Product Overview:

The coastal surveillance system can process the information of AIS, satellite communication equipment and the like in an integrated way to generate a comprehensive situation chart of the shore(s) in the monitored area. This system can also provide the vessels with value-added information service, such as navigation supported information, hydrological information, berthing information and weather Information.

Product Features:

Record and display of vessel's position: this system can mark the vessel as per true scale or abstract scale, record detailed vessel information, distinguish different types of vessels in different colors, and display and save sailing history record of vessels.

Monitoring of waterway and area: multiple video recording devices can be arranged at different places to simultaneously monitor the vessels in several key waterways or areas and the video recording devices can automatically take photos of the vessels and input the photos into AIS information database。

Public information service: this system can provide vessel and marine information service, present regional remind, display marine meteorology and typhoon information and so on.


This product applies to port management and monitoring.

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