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Vessel Monitoring System

  • Product Overview
  • Product Features
  • Field Of Application

Functions(Howit performs):

Ø Information Service

l Dynamic information such as vessel position, speed, course, time,etc.

l Static information such as vessel name, captain, type, picture, etc.

l Current and historic tracks

l Grouping management

Ø Data service

l Navigation data permanent storage and replay

l Data statistics, analysis and auxiliary decision

l Statistic data export

Ø Navigation service

l Geo-fence

l Meteorological information

l Course plan and navigation

l Alarm

Ø Communication service


l One-dial call/SMS

Product Features:

l Configurable modular architecture

l Multi-platform system software

l Reasonable modular designed software

l Diversified data access modes

l Real-time data connection

l Area warning

l Customized status data display

l Platform: Web, App and PC

l Reliable and stable big data service

l Commercial-level encryption


l Fishing boat, yacht, commercial vessel, etc.

l Fleet administration

l Fishery administration

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