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[Back]Port Navigation and Information Management System based on AIS Equipment

Port Navigation and Information Management System based on AIS Equipment

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Product Overview:

The port navigation and information management system, with public logistics information as platform and using advanced information technology, can realize the information communication and share between supply chain partners and the construction of complete port information-based system。 The application of active automatic safety monitoring and early warning can improve the safety of the inward and outward ports and the sea areas around the ports and the utilization of inclusive, efficient and accurate information stream can help increase the efficiency, reduce the cost and lift the overall competitiveness of the port。

Product Features:

Providing the active and passive safety monitoring services, with the former including the broadcasting of safety related message, the automatic sending of prompt message to the rule-breaking vessels in the restricted navigation zone, speed zone and routing zone and the sending of alarm prompt message to the users in the accident-prone areas and the latter including complete solutions for marine distress alarming and emergency rescue。

Integrating and processing in wired and wireless modes the audio and video information, distress alarm information, target location information, AIS SMS, command control information, radar information, and all the information provided by relevant functional departments, such as vessel location information provided by AIS of the maritime sector, fishing boat location information provided by the fishery department, fishing boat information provided by the public security frontier department, and weather information provided by the meteorological department.

In terms of e-commerce, this system can help (I) realize electronic data exchange and on-line settlement between the port and customers and (II) provide the users with Internet products and services as per the user requirements and international standards and establish efficient, reliable and stable relationship between the users and their customers to create conditions for e-commerce.

In terms of business service, this system can provide corresponding business service and support for different participants of the transportation chain。 The Customs can use the import tariff inspection and tariff collection system and the export inspection system to connect with the information platform technically and operationally so that all the import & export declarations can realize EDI with the Customs' systems via the information platform; the storage and transportation agencies at the port can, via this system, perform the scheduling of containers like stockpiling and handling; the freight station can use the services provided by this system to realize rapid exchange and communication of container freight information。

In terms of video monitoring, this system supports real-time remote video monitoring; supports simplex and multiplex video screen displayed in multiple layouts; supports single-screen polling preview and grouped polling preview and enables the setting of polling internal; supports the setting of one set of images in one window or one display screen and the setting of video image switchover interval to realize routing inspection of multiple screens。

Making real-time statistics of the flow, average speed and type of vessels entering and leaving the port and the number of vessels in the port.

The electronic chart management package fully supports IHO S-57/S-52/S-63 chart transmission, display, encryption standard and supports chart incremental upgrade, Chinese/English switchover, switchover between all/standard/basic display modes, display of layer filtration, editing and storage of user-defined chart, marine target query, screen information saving, chart ranging and many other functions。 It can process the alarm information, target (vessel, person and vehicle) location information, radar information and other multiple target information in an integrated way and generate unified port comprehensive situations in combination with the geographical information system。


This product applies to the management of ports of all sizes.

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